The objective of Powerflushing is to restore systems with circulation problems and boiler noise problems (caused by kamco_pumpsludge and corrosion deposits) to optimum operation

We use Kamco Powerflushing equipment and chemicals to get the best result.

How does it work?

We connect the Powerflushing pump to the heating system, either where your circulating pump is connected or across the tails of one radiator, whichever is most practical. The powerful flow, combined with an instantaneous flow reverser device, and the Kamco chemicals we use will dislodge and mobilise deposits and corrosion which resist traditional system cleaning methods.

Once the corrosion and sludge deposits have been loosened and mobilised, fresh clean water is forced through the heating system, pushing out the contaminated water through a dump hose to waste. During the process, radiators are Individually flushed, without removing or disconnecting them from the system, by directing the full output of the pump through each radiator seperately. Powerflushing

At the end of the flushing process, the system will contain fresh, clean water, and reinstatement of the system to normal operation doesnt take long. Its at this point we add Inhibitor to the system, this works continuously in your system to help stop the corrosion and sludge build up from reoccurring.

System flushing will not remedy mechanical faults, which should be rectified.

The success of a power flush will depend on the level of heating system corrosion which has occurred beforehand. The process will cure most circulation problems, but cannot undo the corrosion and gradual decay that has led to the need to power flush the system.

Symptoms indicating a Powerflush will improve your system


  • Some radiators are completely or partially cold
  • Radiators not getting heat at the bottom (sludge build up)
  • Parts of radiator are cold (sludge build up)
  • New boiler installation – Clean your system so the boiler can function to its best
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Repeated pump failures

Get in touch to discuss your symptoms and we will arrange a visit to see if a Powerflush would be benificial

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